5 sexy classic Hollywood sex icons


Through the years, Hollywood has produced several icons, screen queens who have personified glamor, sultriness, and yes, sexuality. They include icons like Rita Hayworth, Jayne Mansfield, Mae West, Jean Harlow, and the all-time sex symbol of Hollywood, Marilyn Monroe. Long before people became more open and accepting of sexuality — when orgasms and desires were spoken in whispers, and the adult industry was criminalised or held underground — these women were proud seductresses who showed how beautiful and empowering it was to embrace one’s inner sex goddess.

Rita Hayworth

Rita Hayworth was a popular pin-up girl for GI’s during World War II. Her claim to fame was being featured in what became an iconic photograph in Life magazine. In that photo—which ended up on the bedroom walls of many of that era’s gentlemen—Hayworth was wearing a black lace negligee that sold for more than $25,000 at a 2002 auction. There was no doubt that Hayworth radiated sex appeal both onscreen and off; her lips were voted Best in the World, while she herself was called “The Love Goddess”. She became known for her many film roles, particularly in the film noir Gilda in which she performed a striptease that had that era’s censors keeping an eye on her.

Jayne Mansfield

Jayne Mansfield was an American film, stage and television actress—who was one of the earliest Playboy playmates—was one of the leading sex symbols of the 1950s and 60s. Mansfield was renowned for her curvaceous and busty figure, and during her student days had worked as a nude model. She made no secret of her sex appeal, and film producers made no effort to conceal or hide it either.

Mae West

Outspoken, cheeky, and bawdy are words that come to mind when you think of Mae West. This Hollywood actress, playwright and sex symbol became famous not just for her roles, her looks or her sex appeal, but for her quotes, which included such famous ones as the one that expressed her taste in men: “Personally, I like two types of men – domestic and foreign” or “Sex is emotion in motion.”

Jean Harlow

Jean Harlow was one of the earliest sex symbols in Hollywood, tracing her roots all the way back to the 1930s. She was known as the original “Blonde Bombshell” — and there’s no doubt that her looks and her curves certainly qualified her to be called one. She appeared in such films as Platinum Blonde, but was most well-known for Hell’s Angels, where she delivered her now famous line, “Would you be shocked if I put on something more comfortable?”

Marilyn Monroe

And finally, there’s Marilyn Monroe. No list of sex icons or sex symbols of the Hollywood glam era would be complete without her. She was probably the most famous of the sex symbols of her era, well-known throughout the world. Her screen roles—such as the one she played in The Seven Year Itch—and the iconic photograph of her with her dress being blown by the wind, and she, trying to hold it down, boosted her stature as a sex symbol. She was controversial, too, for her rumored love affairs, and for her controversial death in 1962.

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What’s the difference between dominance and bondage?


Bondage, by its very name, has to do with ‘bonding’ or physically restraining one partner by using rope, handcuffs or other means, during sexual intercourse. Dominance, when used in a sexual context, has to do with how one partner dominates the other, or makes the partner submit to the other’s commands and wishes. Exercising dominance often involves role-playing. Meanwhile, sadism is the act of deriving pleasure from inflicting pain on others, mostly during sex, while masochism, which is often used in tandem with sadism, is differentiated from sadism because of the focus of the pain. In sadism, the pain is directed at others, while in masochism, it is directed at the self, or self-inflicted.

These practices are used during sexual intercourse to enhance the partners’ enjoyment of the act. Not all enjoy it—others prefer to have their sex served up simple and straightforward—but others consider it absolutely essential, and find sex boring if it’s not part of what goes on in bed. There are also some who feel a special spiritual and sensual liberation. Read this article that has an interview with a submissive

Some people who work as Australian escorts or New Zealand escorts may or may not indulge in these practices, though some do find them a come-on when encounters get around to that.

People who have tried these practices swear that the sex becomes more hot, more intense, and more exciting. Others think of them as non-conversational foreplay during sex. Some Australian escorts and New Zealand escorts offer these special services, and have experience as a submissive or as a dominant. Others are not specifically into BDSM but are open to light bondage so check their escort profiles.

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The Top 5 sexual positions for men with back problems


It’s a fact that as people age, they start feeling aches and pains everywhere—and one of the most susceptible areas of the body is the back, particularly the lower back since it’s the one that carries all the weight.

Back pains are very common and when severe, can get in the way of pursuing your normal activities. Even walking or simple things, like playing sports or sitting down enjoying simple conversation or dinner (with an Australian escort or a New Zealand escort), can become difficult when back pains strike. It’s hard to enjoy almost anything when back pains are bothering you

Most of all, back pains can also affect the enjoyment of sexual intercourse. It is suggested that if you feel back pains—and if they increase in severity—then you should get them checked out immediately, because if back pain is used as an excuse for not having sex, it can seriously damage a relationship. However, here are a few things that might help: the top five sexual positions you can take if back pains bother you. These will minimize back pains and, hopefully, maximize your enjoyment.

The forward bend

Bending forward is always helpful for people with back pain because it “stretches” or “flexes” the spine and sort of “irons” it out. Pain is immediately eased when we bend forward. Having sexual activity in this position may bring immediate relief.

Lying down, or sitting down

Clearly, a position in which the back is supported by a bed or chair can be most beneficial during sex. Just make sure that the mattress or chair cushion is firm and that the back is fully supported. The addition of pillows to support the knees is another option to consider and may make you feel even more comfortable.

On your knees

Yes, a kneeling position (in which you enter your partner from behind) can help make back pain sufferers feel better. Being on all fours means the weight is better distributed (and not just concentrated on one or two areas), and can relieve back pains.

On the side

Researchers have found that when both partners are lying on their left side—often referred to in books and magazines as spooning—it can help deal with back pain. It’s not an ideal position, but at least it’s an option that could help reduce pain.

Pillow power

Sometimes putting a small pillow underneath your back can help ease back pain felt during sex.

So there. See which one of these five positions best works for you during sex. Remember, sex is supposed to make you feel good, and not make you feel more or worse pain. Sex is meant to be enjoyed by both partners, without back pains getting in the way. Share these tips with your partner , whether it’s at your next booking with an Australian escort or New Zealand escort, or someone interesting you met at a party! Whoever it’s with, the thing is to be able to enjoy the experience.

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Embrace your fetish!


Some people have a fetish for feet. Others for hands. But what, exactly, is a fetish? Technically, a fetish is defined as an unusual interest—some would probably describe it as an obsession—with a thing, a habit or a practice, a person, or a particular body part. The term is most commonly used in a sexual sense, although it can also be used in a non-sexual context, as when someone is obsessively interested in a hobby, or a sport. But the sexual use of the term is the more common one.

One truth about fetishes: there are as many different types of fetishes as there are personality types. Each person gets turned on by a different thing. Some people would find having a fetish weird or disturbing (a fetish is usually something that deviates from the norm) but to others, they’re perfectly normal. Well, to each his own, you know?

Some people are attracted to certain physical features: hair color, height, large breasts or a boyish figure. That’s not a problem, either. There are so many beautiful Australian escorts and New Zealand escorts in Langtrees escort directory that you can find someone who fulfills your fantasy. Aside from the photos our ladies post on their profile, you can read their escort profile for more details.

One of the most common fetishes is podophilia, or a fetish for feet. Someone with podophilia would be unusually attracted to the size, or shape of the feet, or even how clean (or not) they are (yes, some people do get turned on by that). Another common fetish is for the hands and fingers. These may include actions performed with them.

One can also have a fetish for a certain place to have sex. That includes having sex in public places, or places where you would normally not consider having sexual intercourse, like a living room or laundry room or even outdoors. Hiring an Australian escort or New Zealand escort and the idea of having sex with a stranger in an unusual place can or would be considered a fetish by some people. The added element of danger and the mystery of the unknown is what makes it more thrilling for them.

People can also develop a fetish for certain types of material—silk sheets, rubber, leather, even feathers, or modes of dress, like high heels, or short skirts. Many escorts will accomodate requests for what you want them to wear during a booking.

The important thing to remember is that as far as fetishes are concerned, the rule should be, “anything goes”. What works for one person may not necessarily work for another.

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Porn Habits of iPhone vs Android users


PornHub – which doesn’t just have hot pics, but pretty interesting insights on what turns people on — recently released a study of the porn habits of its mobile readers. Now, just to give you an idea, most people tend to watch porn on their phone. It’s more private, more discreet, and you can conveniently read it in the bathroom. In fact, mobile is now 60% of PornHub traffic.

However, PornHub noticed that iPhone users and Android users have different tastes. IPhone users tend to like what some people call the more typical fantasies and fetishes: the hot MILFs, bondage, amateur videos, threesomes, lesbians, and the babysitter scenario. A lot of them also seem to like Kim Kardashian?

Android users are more likely to check BBWs and transgender women, and tend to check out Asian and interracial scenes. They also like the Japanese cartoon erotica.

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Australia’s sex industry laws for each state

sex industry

The Australian states have different laws and regulations for brothels, soliciting and escort services. The NSW Parliamentary Research Services ‘Issues Backgrounder’ paper, released in July 2015, confirmed exactly how confusing – and dare we say, unfair – some rules can be, depending on where Australian sex workers live.

For example, brothels are not allowed in South Australia, NT and Tasmania. However, the brothel industry thrives in NSW, Queensland, Victoria and ACT. NSW brothels enjoy the most freedom and only need to get planning approval, but those in ACT, Queensland and Victorian brothels have pounds more of paperwork to wade through to get registered or licensed.

Queensland and SA also ban escort agencies (for reasons we can’t understand). However, Victoria and NT escort agencies can file for a license, and the ACT escort agencies can register. NSW and WA have the most liberal approach. (Sex work was decriminalized in NSW in 1996).

Independent sex workers have to deal with different laws on how they can advertise, whether they can work from their homes or do outcalls. Victoria sex workers have to apply for a brothel license if they want to work from their own home! Incalls are illegal in NT, but escorts can do outcalls and advertise. The Scarlet Alliance, the national peak body for Australian sex workers, has long lobbied for decriminalisation since that improves the health, education and safety of sex workers.

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10 World Sex Records — can you beat them?


Aim high, dream big! Those words take on a new meaning when you check out these world sex records.

Longest ejaculation: Congratulations to Horst Shultz, who achieved 18’9″ in distant shot of ejaculation of semen. He also holds the records for greatest height (12’4″) and the greatest speed of ejaculation with 42.7mph.

Most orgasms: In what could be one of the most interesting fields of scientific research, Doctors William Hartman and Marilyn Fithian of The Center for Martial Sexual Studies in Long Beach, CA, have been faithfully recording orgasmic response in their laboratory for the last 22 years. The most orgasms they recorded in an hour for a woman is a staggering 134, while the best men could do was 16.

Longest orgasm: One participant in a 1966 Masters and Johnson study experienced a 43 second long orgasm consisting of at least 25 successive contractions.

Most semen swallowed: Got milk? Michelle Monahan had 1.7 pints of semen pumped out of her stomach in Los Angeles in July 1991.

Most sex partners: In Eroticon 2004, Lisa Sparxxx, a noted American pornstar, had sex with 919 men in one day.

Longest fapping session: Love yourself, right? Masanobu Sato attended the 2009 Masturbate-a-thon held by the Center for Sex & Culture in San Francisco (why don’t we get invited to these things?) and blew everyone away (no pun intended) by going at it for 9 hours and 58 minutes.

Largest Penis: Jonah Falcon – or should we start calling him Jonah Whale? – has a penis that measures 13.5 inches long.

Largest Vagina: Anna Swan (1846-1888) measured 19 inches in circumference.

Biggest Orgy: Wowzilla! Japan set the record for biggest orgy had an astounding 250 couples going at it (but in a very systematic, orderly and polite way, of course).

Largest Porn Collection: Daniel Gluck, owner of Museum of Sex, bought the por collection of Ralph Whittington. This included over 500 huge boxes of pictures, movies, magazines, and the kind of sexual knick-knacks.

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Snuggling in the nude is good for your health

sleeping in nude

Now that winter’s over, and the weather’s warmer, we can skip the flannel pajamas and sleep naked. There are many reasons to junk your jammies (aside from the fact that you have less laundry to worry about).

Sleeping nude promotes intimacy. There is something about spooning naked. A study by Cotton USA found that couples who slept nude were happier in their relationship and felt closer to each other. It’s often verified by psychologists. “In this age of social media, where most of our interactions even with closest friends and family are online, we are getting less and less one-on-one contact and touch. The intimacy of being naked and close to somebody else satisfies an emotional need that is rarely met,” says Dr. Danielle Thorn.

Besides, being cold is a good excuse to snuggle up and get extra body warmth!

There are numerous benefits to naked skin to skin contact. Many pediatricians and neonatologists tell parents to hold their preemies against their bare chest. The babies tend to grow faster, and get sick less. This is true for adults, too. The snuggling boost your immune system. The adrenal glands lower their production of the stress hormone cortisol, which suppresses the immune system (that’s why you often get sick when you’re stressed). It also produces more oxytocin, which improves blood pressure levels and hastens healing.

For those struggling with insomnia, snuggling in the nude can also increase your core body temperature, which will put your body (and mind) in the mood for sleep.

So if you’ve scheduled an overnight GFE booking with your escort, and have the pleasure and opportunity of sleeping with this exceptionally stunning private lady, let it all out – literally – and fall asleep together in the nude.

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What’s the best time to have sex in the day?


Morning nookie? Afternoon delight? Go for it! While we may be used to having sex in the evening, there is scientifically-backed evidence of the benefits of having sex at different times of the day.

Morning sex

Morning sex may have its challenges – dragon breath, possible hangover, the alarm clock ringing in the background – but it’s actually really good for your body and your sex life! Testosterone levels are at its highest in the morning, and you have more energy to go at it. This will help you last longer in bed, and send you and your lover into your respective workdayss riding on the waves of the best endorphin rush in the world. The endorphins are also better than any pill you could possibly pop. They naturally lower blood pressure and stress levels, and can raise your antibody levels and boost your immune system. You also can’t fake an afterglow: climaxes raise estrogen and testosterone, which make your skin and hair look amazing.

Afternoon quickie

It sucks to look at your watch and realize it’s only noon on a Wednesday. But there’s a quick fix for that: sneak off for some hot afternoon sex, which has the added enjoyment of knowing that you’re playing hookie to get extra sensual secret sex. Many escorts have two-hour bookings available (just schedule your appointment ahead). Feeling spontaneous? Drop by a brothel, and you have both beautiful sexy ladies and a comfortable Jacuzzi and bed waiting for you. When you get back into your office, you’ll have a huge grin on your face and a spring in your step.

Goodnight kiss (and more)

Sex is possibly the best way to have a good night’s sleep. During orgasm you release oxytocin and endorphins, which not only make you feel good but tend to have a sedating, relaxing effect. It’s also a great form of stress relief, in and of itself: stop thinking about work, focus on the intimacy and pleasure of each other’s touch, and know that even if a lot of things went wrong that day, you’re ending it with a bang.

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Sex protects you from prostate cancer!


The best thing you can do to lower your risk for prostate cancer may be to have more sex. Canadian scientists who surveyed over 3,200 men discovered that those who have sex with more than 20 women (as opposed to just one partner) have a 28 lower risk of developing the dreaded disease. The study also implied that those who had slept with even more than 20 had less chances of being diagnosed with the more aggressive forms of prostate cancer. The study was reviewed and published by the medical journal Cancer Epidemiology.

That doesn’t mean you need to sleep around with different women if you don’t want to. If you’re happy with one partner, or have a few favourite escorts that you love to see, then by all means enjoy their company. The study simply reinforces other research that frequent ejaculation helps keep your prostate healthy. The science is that cancer is strongly linked to cell inflammation, and when your pipes don’t get cleaned a lot, inflammatory cells accumulate in the seminal vesicles near the prostate gland. So have a lot of sex. Consider it doctor’s orders.

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